How It Came To Be...
Since Elementary school I was in the art program and it was something that I always enjoyed doing. Going on to Norland Middle School, I was in the magnet art program where my love for the arts expanded, yet I wanted more. So I auditioned, and after getting accepted, went to Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH). Apart from having standard art/painting classes, I was exposed to different forms of design. Product, transportation, illustrative and advertising where my love for design started to show. From there I went to Colombus College of Art and Design (CCAD) for industrial design. Since high school I knew that I wanted to build a foundation on something...I just didn't know what that "something" was. So after a year in Ohio, I came back to Miami and attended Miami AD School in Wynwood where I studied Art Direction for a year while enhancing my Photography and product development skills. Then it hit me...all the years of art, design, advertising, photography and working with agencies lead me to realize that I wanted to have my own "BRAND". I get bored doing the same thing repetitively, so having all I know in a hub that I am in total control of was where my heart was set. And from there....DGriffithsDesign was born...
End Goal?
Leonardo Da Vinci has always been my favorite artist. Excelling in more than one field, he is the definition of a "multitalented mastermind". Growing up, I never wanted to be good at just one thing, surpassing my own expectations is what I thrive for. Designer, Photographer, Art Director, Editor, Athlete, the list is just going to expand more. What do I hope to accomplish in the end?...success...
             TOP DOG GOLDEN PAW

                  TOP DOG GOLDEN PAW

Some Companies That I've Worked With
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